Bark Barn


Stimulate your dog’s brain with the wonderful world of nose work. Our classes will introduce you to scent for competition or real-world detection work but it’s always fun!

Scent classes are 6 weeks long, unless otherwise specified.


The next Advanced Beginner / Intermediate Scent starts September 3rd on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30.  If there the class fills, a second 4:30 pm class will be added.  This 6 week session will skip class on September 17th and October 1st; therefore, the session will end on the 22nd of October.

Starting soon, Advanced Scent!


This class replicates as closely as possible the type of training handlers experience in real world search environments.  Problems include large search areas, negative search areas, vehicles, in-ground burieds, and building searches.  The focus is on search strategy, as well as dealing with environmental distractions and terrain challenges.  There will be two field trips per session in order to develop dogs’ and students’ skills working in unfamiliar environments.

Prerequisites are completing at least one intermediate scent class and the ability to work off leash safely in a “real world” environment—students must make this determination for themselves and are responsible for their own dog’s safety and the safety of other dogs and people while working off leash.  Until the class fills, current intermediate students may join the class as “drop ins.”  Drop ins who are not comfortable working off leash may still participate by checking in advance if the upcoming training environment is one that they feel able to work in and benefit from, e.g., vehicles or building searches.



For more information, contact OnScent.