K9 Scent Work Seminars

Scent workshops cover scent theory, fluid dynamics, canine physiology, and handling strategies. Level-appropriate problems are set for handlers in order to illustrate material discussed in the talking portion of workshop. Handlers are coached so that they can implement techniques discussed in the first half of the workshop. Provided guidance on resolving individual student’s training issues.

SAR seminars also cover many, but not all, of the same things.  They are structured differently, however, and are taught jointly with other instructors.


Four-day, NC K9 Emergency Response Spring 2020 HRD Seminar, Instructor.  April 23-26, 2020.

Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Three-day scent work seminar at T-N-T, Midland, MI, June 21-23, 2019.  Sponsored by MMKC.

Four-day, NC K9 Emergency Response Spring 2019 HRD Seminar, Instructor.  April 25-28, 2019.

Four-day Sarasota K9 Search and Rescue Spring 2019 HRD Seminar, Instructor.  April 11-14, 2019.

Two-day Beginner scent work workshop at TNT, Midland MI, February 23-24.

1/2-day Beginner scent workshop at the Bark Barn, Fenton, MI, January 12, 2019.

Half-day Scent Detection Workshop at Borderhauss Kennels, Howell, MI, January 2017.

One-day scent detection seminar at Tina Leach’s Training Facility, Ohio, 2016.

Evening seminar on Scent Work at the Toledo Kennel Club, Ohio, 2016.

Lecture on search and rescue, canine olfactory capability, and basic scent theory for a community lecture series. Farmington Hills, MI, 2015.

Seminar on Scent Work
 at Wolverine Dog Training Club, Farmington Hills, MI, 2015.