OnScent is at The Doghouse!

OnScent is now offering beginner and intermediate scent work classes, as well as Puppy Kindergarten and Life Skills, at The Doghouse.

Next session on Puppy kindergarten begins on May 3rd at 5:30. Life skills also begins May 3rd at 6:45. Scent classes begin on the 5th of May!

Stimulate your dog’s brain with the wonderful world of nose work!   Nose work is a sport that has become quite popular over the last decade.  It is modeled on the detection work performed by police narcotics and explosives K9s, but uses a selection of essential oils in place of the real-world odors (students may select a different odor, provided it is safe and legal, to train on, but will be responsible for providing it).  Any dog can participate, young or old.  No prior experience or obedience training is required to start nose work, although a good recall is recommended if you wish to progress to an advanced level.  

In our Nose Work Foundations classes, learn how to do the following.

Develop an effective method of reinforcement.

Condition your dog to multiple target odors. 

Search for target odors.

Offer a trained indication at the target odor.

Use basic scent theory to analyze a scenario.

Use basic search strategies to facilitate your dog’s search.

In our “Follow Your Nose High and Low” class, learn how to do the following.

Solidify your dog’s indication.

Articulate and execute a search plan.

Work elevated finds.

Work buried finds. 

Search cars.

Work multiple hides.

Work through mild distractions.

In Puppy Kindergarten, learn how to do the following.

Care for your new puppy.

Train using positive reinforcement.

Build a solid relationship with your puppy.

Teach basic foundation skills.

Teach your puppy tricks.

Teach your puppy that learning is fun!

From puppy classes to scent detection, learn how to have fun with your dog!