About OnScent

OnScent is owned and operated by Kathryn Gordon, MSW, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, AKC Evaluator.  Focusing on fun, positive reinforcement and choice-based training techniques, OnScent provides dog training services, including scent detection classes, puppy and young dog foundation classes, distraction and reactivity classes, special topic classes and workshops, and CGC and trick dog testing. OnScent also provides private instruction and behavior consults.

OnScent also offers C.G.C. and trick dog testing.

All of OnScent’s services are now offered through K2K9 L.L.C., located in the training facility next to The Doghouse, at 2420 E North Territorial Rd, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189, OnScent provides group scent classes, as well as a variety of foundational skills and manners classes and reactive or distracted . For group class schedules and to register for a group class, please visit K2K9’s website. 


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7 thoughts on “About OnScent


    Hi Kathryn!
    We were referred to you by Marcia at Northville Dog Training. We would like to talk with you about private sessions with our 12 month-old Black Lab-Coon hound. He has been through basic and intermediate classes but we need to learn how to work with his nose and possibly train him for other activities like S & R. He’s a sweet and beautiful dog and very fast. Please call me 734-678-5584


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  3. Amy Wilson

    Hi Kathryn – We we’re referred to you by Marcia Cavan. We have a 7 mo old Havanese who completed Puppy Kindergarten with Marcia. He needs additional training. Marcia said you might be willing to do a home visit and make recommendations on further training steps. Please let me know if this is something you are willing to do. We live in Adrian, MI


  4. Margaret Fee

    Hi Kathryn!
    I have a nine month Papillon. I would like to compete in AKC Scent Work Trials. My friend Linda Owens recommended I work with you. I’m very excited about getting started.
    I could do classes at Northfield Dog Training.
    Please put me on your Beginner Class list or let me know how else I can start.
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Margaret, I will be starting a new beginner class within the next month or so at Northfield., I can add you to the wait list. Alternatively, I have a beginner class that meets at 5:30 on Wednesday in Fenton. You could join that one starting next week–you would have only missed one class. I also do privates, mostly at Northfield. Best, Kathryn


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