Choice-based training

OnScent wants first and foremost to help dogs and their humans learn how to live together happily and humanely.  Before you worry about showing or winning ribbons, let your dog learn to want to play with you, to focus on you, and to enjoy life with you. 

Dogs always have a choice. It is the trainers job to guide their companion towards desirable choices by reinforcing good decisions and overlooking incorrect responses, while managing the environment to prevent unwanted behaviors from occurring in the first place.

Focusing on reinforcement preserves a positive relationship between the dog and trainer and teaches the dog that learning is fun. Using science and behavior-based techniques means that dogs quickly learn how to behave without fear or confusion.

As a Karen Pryor Clicker Training Partner, OnScent strives to rely principally on positive reinforcement training and environmental management, using the guidelines laid out in LIMA to make all training decisions.